Increase diversity in your business with these 4 steps

During a panel debate on the Chamber of Commerce, including actor and program leader Alexandra Pascalidou, four concrete proposals for better diversity work out crystallized.

Pontus Berger, Chief Financial Officer of Volvo Cars and Head of the In-Band Division on Bergsjön SK
Alexandra Pascalidou, Program Leader and Theater Actual with his own set of “Alexandra Odyssé” in Gothenburg City Theater
Ali Farshid, CEO of Jobtip Inc
Amad Raja, Project Manager at the Chamber of Commerce’s School of Mathivation

1. Now to Youth With Knowledge and Prevention

“If you grow up in a suburb like Angered, it’s always the older guys who are role models. But they are wrong models that lead to exclusion, you get into different groups and think you will not go anywhere. In middle school, nobody stood before me telling me how to train and become that person. Positive role models that you can see in yourself drive in the right direction. There, business needs to take a big responsibility. “- Ali Farshid

2. See What Excludes

“We paint up thresholds where they are not needed. For example, in some positions, we require that you have a driving license. It is to exclude large groups and we need to review this.” – Pontus Berger

3. See Profitability!

“There are those who never meet a Swedish in their everyday lives, who do not know what ‘ants owls in the moss’ means. It is our biggest challenge. Politicians must take these issues more seriously. Business is faster, they think profit-oriented and purposeful, in profitability and money. I’m so happy because these people – strong, active, heroic people who have often left everything to come here – they can do more than receive breadcrumbs from social. Studies show that the more diversity, the more innovative we are in the group and the better the results are reported. However, this does not have to go hand in hand with having a good job at work … ” – Alexandra Pascalidou

4. Possible Better Payments

“Business needs to take more responsibility to integrate more and capture young people who develop and give them guidelines. Many outsiders hardly know what they are capable of. There are great opportunities, but most candidates don’t know how to do the job jungle. There, we all need to do a better job, especially now that the mobility of the market is increasing. At the Employment Service nothing happens. In short: better match, more meeting places, give more guidelines and take care of the skills. It’s a big job.” – Ali Farshid