5 things you should wonder about at work interviews

Lying is rarely a good idea, especially at a job interview. But there are some milder lies that can actually benefit you in the recruitment process.

There are definitely some lies you will need to go to get employed, but of course you should not lie about your skills, your level of education or where you worked – it’s never a good idea to be employed for a job you can not do.


  1. I only worked on these three companies
    If you have been working somewhere for a very short period of time or where it ended in a conflict – for example, if you were fired or burned bridges during your last time there. Do not write down the workplace on your CV! A CV does not have to contain everything you’ve ever done. It’s a marketing product for the job you want. So just write down the relevant and good experiences.
  2. I loved everyone at my last job
    This is most likely not true, but no one wants to listen to when you complain about your former colleagues. Instead, you should say that it was a privilege to work with such good people, anything else will make you sound like a person who can be a problem to work with.
  3. My interests are reading, traveling, devotion to charity…
    Everybody knows that you like watching movies and eating popcorn, but maybe it’s not possible to talk about it right now? If you decide to write up the interests of your CV or talk about them during the interview, make sure the interests you are talking about can actually be linked to the job you are looking for or the culture that is in that workplace. Do you see the website that the company’s employees usually ride a bike? Then you are interested in cycling!
  4. My last boss was great!
    Say your old boss was a good leader and you learned a lot from this. Talking crazy about your old boss makes it seem like you’re going to talk crazy about your new one too.
  5. I’m considering leaving my job because this seems to be a good opportunity to say no
    You probably have another reason to leave your current job, maybe you have problems with the boss or want to raise your salary? But that’s not what to say. Instead, tell your potential new boss, you want the new job because it’s a reasonable step in your career and want to work alongside an awesome group of people within a great company.