Do you make the same recruiter mistakes on your job ads?

Recruit correctly! Skip the list of requirements and traditional media. Traditional media provides wide visibility but…

Here are three tips for creating a top-notch job ad and hiring the best employees for your company.

Traditional media, also called old media, refers to newspapers, radio, and television. The term emerged to distinguish the traditional media from blogs, internet forums, and other social media.

Recruiting via traditional media means you have little opportunity to make sure you reach out to the people who are best suited to your needs. The ads are shown to those who immediately read, listen or watch the ad, affecting your selection of audience. You get broad visibility, which can result in over 100 applications. Managing and reviewing an endless number of applications creates a long time-consuming and cost-effective recruitment process.

With social media recruitment, you can effectively influence who you reach, when you reach them, and ultimately hiring potential candidates that are perfect for the job.

Skip the requirements list – why employees should join Jobtip 
Many mistakes people make today when they are recruiting is that they focus on the new employee’s qualifications. Today, all employers are fighting for the talents, so we make sure ads create curiosity and interest in those looking for a new challenge in their work-life. Show what you offer and why your workplace is a great place to jumpstart your career!

Think of cards and mobile phones
It’s becoming more and more common to find new job opportunities through the mobile phone, making it important to have a job advertisement that’s short and to the point. Many choose to dissolve information in bulk, where the reader has been tired long before they scroll to the end and reach the core of the ad. Remember, keep it relevant to what you want now. Briefly describe your organization and follow with what you offer.

Impersonal, no thanks. Let the employees tell you!
Instead of copying and pasting the “About Us” tab from your website, raise your employees and put a personal touch on the job posting. Be proud of your workplace and whoever works with you! After all, it is the people that are the core of the company that creates the culture. By raising your employees, your brand is strengthened as an employer.