Employee influencer marketing

Bianca Ingrosso, Isabella Löwengrip, Janni Delér. Today, influencers have become the IT thing for many companies. Our feeds are bursting with collaborations and the words “sponsored post” are visible everywhere on social media. The question, however, is whether collaborations with influencers pay at all times, for all companies? 

Well, maybe not. If you think about it, shouldn’t the best ambassadors for your company be the people who work there? Employee Influencer Marketing is a way for companies to spread genuine and trusting content via social media. This means that it makes the company’s employees face outwards and actively works to enable and simplify the positive spread of events, corporate culture and the like. The truth is, of course, that we largely trust people we know than influencers and celebrities. Therefore, employee influencer marketing can strengthen your Employer Brand and get more organic spread on your social media posts – and that’s not entirely wrong!

If you are interested in reading more about this (of course you are!), then at Jobtip we have developed a small guide with lots of smart tips on how to concretely proceed if you want to introduce Employee Influencer Marketing to your workplace.

Download the guide here!

Employer Influencer Marketing

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