• Jobtip develops software that lets candidates apply to vacant positions at a variety of companies.
  • Because of this Jobtip acts as a data processor for the company that wishes to use Jobtips services.
  • The company that in the end receives the data is the data controller.
  • The candidate that wishes to either apply or refer someone to a vacant position accepts the terms that their data will be treated according to the terms of use of that company. Their data is then forwarded to the responsible recruiter at that company.
  • Jobtip does not sell any personal data to anyone else than the responsible data controller.

Candidates approval

  • All candidates accept that their data is treated to participate in the recruiting process.
  • The approval is stored for six months.
    • Based on the average time of a recruitment process.
    • After six months the data is removed automatically.
  • Candidates get a reminder with information about the following.
    • How approval can be revoked.
    • A link containing terms of use and what will happen with their data during the recruiting process.
      • This information is also available before the user gives his or her consent.
    • Reason or cause of data collection.
  • Jobtip never asks candidates to extend the time an application is saved.

Deletion of data

  • Candidates
    • All candidates get the opportunity to revoke his or her consent. This information will be provided by email after an application has been made. An overview of what information that has been collected will also be available. A candidate can then choose what data to remove.
    • As a standard, the data is stored for six months and then removed automatically.
      • Data will be sent by email to the recruiter and is automatically deleted within 90 days.
  • Contact details in ad material.
    • All ads are out may have contact details in the ad itself. There is a probable cause from the customer that this information should be inside the ad. An ad is saved for up to two years. This because a large part of Jobtips customers chooses to reuse information from previous ad campaigns. Revoke of application is made verbally between the contact person from Jobtip and the customer.
  • Data can be removed upon request.

How data is stored or treated

  • All information is stored in Jobtips candidate management system
  • An email is sent to every customer when a candidate has applied for a position.
    • All emails are stored for up to 90 days to make sure that the customer has received the application. It is then removed automatically.
  • All information is stored in a searchable register and can be removed upon request by the data controller or the candidate that applied to one of the vacant positions.
  • All data is stored within the European Union.
  • All data stored is encrypted and can only be decrypted by people with unique technical privileges at Jobtip.
  • Data regarding candidates can only be accessed by a customer or the contact person responsible for the customer relationship.

Privacy shield

  • All Jobtip providers that do not fall under GDPR are listed under the privacy shield framework.
  • Jobtip’s servers are stationed in Amsterdam.
  • All emails are stored using Mandrill owned by the Rocket Science.
    • Group LLC d/b/a MailChimp.
  • Other suppliers