Integrity policy

How Jobtip process your information

Valid from 2018-05-25
Jobtip AB takes your personal integrity seriously. On a daily basis, we handle personal information and understand the importance of processing this data the correct way. We follow the existing laws and regulations, for example, General data protection regulation. On this page, you can find information about how we collect, use and share the data that you share with us when using our services. This information does only apply to, and all our services provided by our web-based platform.

The information on the website and all its subpages contain contact forms, application pages, tip pages. For these forms, data protection and data protection laws apply.

Information according to the General data protection regulation

Purpose of treatment and legal basis

We process personal data for the following purposes based on these legal bases.

Purpose of treatment

  • To be able to send your application to the employer which you wish to apply to.
  • In order to save an ad in order to apply later to the service.
  • To be able to refer a friend or colleague about a vacancy.
  • To contact you regarding a referral reward after your friend or colleague has been recruited to one of our or clients vacancies.
  • In order to contact you regarding shown interest in our products or services.

The legal basis for treatment

  • In order to perform the agreed commitments or legitimate interests agreed upon with you.
  • In order to perform the agreed commitments or legitimate interests agreed upon with you.
  • In order to perform the agreed commitments or legitimate interests agreed upon with you.
  • To perform the agreed commitments agreed with you.
  • To perform the agreed commitments agreed with you.

The legal basis for legitimate interests

Based on how and where you share information we might have different purposes for them. This may be for marketing or information purposes to market or inform about our services. We also have an interest in analyzing your behavioral pattern when using our products or services to constantly improve them. In some cases, we might use your information to contact you about relevant information depending on how you have chosen to use our products or services. By referring, applying or contacting us it is considered to be a legitimate interest.

Recipient of personal data

In order to fulfill the purpose of your treatment, we may need to provide your information to the intended employer to which you wish to apply to. For example, an employer, marketing partner, newsletter system or Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). We ensure that all reasonable legal, technical and organizational security measures are applied to ensure that information about you is handled securely and with a reasonable level of security when transferring or sharing to third parties.

What information do we handle?

There are several different ways your data can end up with us.

  • When you refer someone to a vacant position.
  • Apply to a position at an employer
  • Contact us via a contact form.
  • Save an ad to apply later.

The information that you might share is the following.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Link to social media profiles (For example, Linkedin).
  • Personal information (provided in your resumé and/or cover letter).

How long is your data stored?

We store your information as long as we consider it necessary for the purpose of the absence of statutory storage times. We may be able to store the information longer if there is an ongoing legal process.

In a recruitment process or a referral, we have estimated how long a recruitment can take. This time is 6 months. Therefore, Jobtip estimates by default that your personal data is stored for 6 months. After this time, your information will be deleted automatically. In some cases, Jobtip also sends an email with your contact information to the responsible recruiter to show the employer that you have applied. All system generated emails with your contact information will be automatically deleted after 90 days.

For marketing purposes or a customer relationship, we will disclose your personal information 12 months after you cease to be a customer or user.

Your rights

A physical person, with personal data that we store you have several rights.

  • Get access to your personal data.
  • Get faulty personal data corrected.
  • Get your personal data deleted (“The right to be forgotten”).
  • Opposed to the use of personal data for automated decision making and profiling.
  • Move your personal data (data portability).

Withdraw or revoke consent

If you have given your approval to processing personal data, you are entitled to withdraw your approval at any time.

Links on the website to partners or customers

On the Jobtips website, there may be links and/or references to other websites. This information does not apply to these sites and we are not responsible for the processing of personal information that is being done on these websites. Contact these companies for more information.


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If you believe we were handling your information incorrectly

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