Is it time to search for a new job?

How are you doing at work? How is the company going?

We have listed some warning signs that indicate that your job may be at risk – or it’s time for you to move on to new exciting job opportunities simply!

The company is going to sell
If the company sold, collaborated with another or purchased by a competitor – then it may be a worrying sign that downsides are approaching. If you do not want to live with the kind of excitement at work within the next few months, start searching from there.

You feel stubborn
Do you feel that the evaluations of your job are not as good as you want? Or that it hasn’t developed over time as well as you hoped? Then it’s time to look for better opportunities! It’s time to do something else if your boss writes some form of documentation about the projects you have not performed. Although the boss starts to make careful notes about your presence, you should look forward to other jobs.

Salary One
Do you get a new schedule even though your position has not been changed on the paper? Are certain benefits deducted? Do you feel it’s getting harder to get available? This can be a worrying sign that the company is not performing well or you are not directly prioritized. Now it is the place to say goodbye to the old workplace.

Congratulations on your promotion. Note.
If you have a new title and a new responsibility without getting a fair salary for work, it is a warning signal! “Companies are always trying to do more with fewer resources, but some go on the inevitable by trying to squeeze out employee productivity when they know the ship is sinking,” says Andrew Ysasi, CEO of Admovio, who is engaged in career coaching.

Is the manager looking around?
When your boss mentions they are going to interview or talk openly about looking for new jobs flashes alarmingly in big neon lights! Drag as fast as you can and make sure you get a reference before your boss is gone for good.

Say hello to the new boss
When changing people in the lead, it can mean that the company is trying to find new ways to stay fluent. Certainly, there is a chance that someone actually finds the magic formula that gets the company back on its feet, but the question is if it’s worth the risk. Andrew Ysasi’s advice is to start looking for a job in a more stable organization.

Move here and there
Do you have the question of changing your office or workplace much more often than your colleagues? Then it’s time to think if you’re really an asset or if you’re just in the way of the company, according to Andrew Ysasi. Change jobs where you feel that you are benefiting and can develop!