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Attract the right candidates with well-written and target-friendly ad texts.

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In early 2018, Jobtip launched Jobtip Job Branding – a service that quickly became popular with our customers. Job Branding helps employers highlight what is attractive and exciting about the advertised position, but also what the company has to offer as an employer.

In a competitive labor market where companies are constantly competing for the best candidates, it is now crucial to highlight what attracts the target audience. Unfortunately, the lack of staff, knowledge, and time often get in the way – which is why we offer our Job Branding services!

Why do we offer job branding?

  • Tailor the job ad to your target audience
  • Attract passive job seekers
  • Strengthen your employer brand

Our experienced copywriters do all the work!

What our customers are saying

"From initial contact with Jobip to a complete job ad took less than a 24 hours! The process was quick and efficient, and required minimal effort on our end."
"Jobtip really made our job ad feel personal while they managed to capture the message we wanted to convey. We have never received as many applications as when we used Job Branding!"
"Aside from successfully receiving top candidates, the recruitment campaign has been great for marketing! The copywriting and graphics made the ads look professional and great for our employer brand"
"Our Job Branding experience was smooth, professional, and straight forward! The new job ad was more concise and emphasized our offer in a very appealing way, which resulted in more relevant applications. The copywriting was on the right level for relevant candidates to actually go ahead and apply for the position."

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