Reach ideal candidates wherever they are

Great people aren’t looking for jobs – they already have one. With over 20 years of experience in online recruitment and recruitment advertising, we can help you find and attract top talent via social media.

Jobtip Social Recruiting Recruitment Advertising Screens


Identify the right target group and tap into our unique pool of potential applicants


Reach relevant candidates through recruitment advertising even when they are not searching for jobs on the platforms they’re active on


Ensure low level of drop-outs with our customized easy-application landing pages, and retarget the few that do drop out

Recruitment Advertising

Jobtip Social Recruiting AI Technology Recruitment Advertising

Ai Technology

Increase accuracy and lower exposure cost

Our proprietary technology allows you to recruit top talent using Ai-enhanced targeting to reach and engage ideal candidates with ads on social media.

Jobtip Social Recruiting Landing Pages Recruitment Advertising

Landing Pages

Allow your candidates to land smoothly

Your ads on social media will direct candidates to a unique and visually appealing landing page, tailored to your specifications and optimized for conversion.

Jobtip Social Recruiting Candidate employee referral referral hiring Recruitment Advertising

Candidate Referral


Turn everyone into your personal recruiter with Jobtip’s smart referral reward function. We know that the best hires come from referrals and how to utilize social networks for better reach and engagement.

Jobtip Social Recruiting Mobile apply Recruitment Advertising

Mobile Apply

Don’t make candidates jump through hoops

Our mobile optimized application makes it easy for candidates to apply on the go through their phone or tablet. Don’t miss out on any great talet you reach, wherever they are.

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Employer Branding

Jobtip Social Recruiting Social Campaigns Employer Branding Recruitment Advertising

Social Campaigns

Become the obvious choice of employer for top talent.

We’ll help you construct your employee value proposition and advertise it towards your future coworkers on social media.

Jobtip Social Recruiting Diversity and Inclusion Employer Branding Recruitment Advertising

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity equals growth

It’s not who you know, it’s what you know and what you contribute. Jobtip will help you diversify your recruitment so that you can attract great people to your organization regardless of background.

Jobtip Social Recruiting Recruitment Advertising Employee Testimonials Talent Attraction

Employee Testimonials

Transparency creates credibility.

Organizations often forget the most important part of employer branding, to show what their culture looks like. Put your #GreatPeople on display and attract more #GreatPeople.

Jobtip Social Recruiting Copywriting Recruitment Advertising Employer Branding


Make sure your ads stand out amongst the crowd!

Our experienced copywriters will create appealing job descriptions for your social recruiting campaigns to increase the number of applicants. We also help you create stunning branding videos.

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Talent Solutions

Jobtip Social Recruiting Recruitment Advertising Career Pages Talent Attraction Job Advertising

Career Pages

Tailored for your candidates

Enhance your employer brand with a custom made career page that will highlight your company in an appealing and attractive way. All your open positions will be neatly presented on the career page and targeted social media campaigns will direct candidates to your positions.

Jobtip Social Recruiting Facebook Talent App AI Technology Recruitment Advertising

Facebook Talent App

Your Facebook page is your career portal

Jobtip’s Facebook Talent App will automatically publish your open positions on your Facebook page, and candidates can easily apply with any device while visiting your page. Visiting your Facebook page is part of the candidate journey and accessibility drives conversion .

Jobtip Social Recruiting Talent Automation AI Technology Recruitment Advertising

Talent Automation

Boost top of mind awareness and increase conversion

Jobtip Talent Automation is your virtual talent community, it captures all interested candidates whether or not they’ve applied. Keep candidates engaged with personalized and targeted remarketing. Stay top of mind and leave no great candidate behind!

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