Our experienced team creates, targets, and advertises your job opening on customized landing pages where your ideal candidates are most active – social media.

Why Jobtip Social Recruiting

Problem: Less than 16 percent of Facebook and Instagram users put professional information on their profiles.

Solution: With Jobtip’s ad tools, we help you reach a larger – and more relevant – a percentage of your target audience.

When Jobtip targets, publicly available secondary source information is retrieved from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Cookies, Websites, and retargeting to create a larger data set. This ensures only the top candidates are delivered to you.

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We identify the right target group and tap into our unique pool of potential applicants


Reach relevant candidates even when they are not searching for jobs on the platforms they’re active on


Ensure low level of drop-outs with our customized easy-application landing pages, and retarget the few that do drop out


Recruit smarter with Jobtip

Additional Services

Jobtip is your one-stop shop for social recruiting design services – but social recruiting is so much more than just the design of advertising material

Employer Branding – we will create content highlighting your employee value proposition and encompassing your organization’s mission, values, culture, and personality.

Job Branding – easily convert potential (passive) candidates into applicants within seconds through an attractive and creative job description. Make your opportunities stand out amongst your competitors. Our marketing team will also develop branding video ads to showcase your company culture.

Career Page – your company career page should be your point of pride. Let us help you with design, page layout and messaging to attract and convert top talent. See sample career page here.

Facebook Talent App – 49% of candidates will research a potential employer’s Facebook page before applying – allow them to apply directly via your Facebook page with the Jobtip Facebook Job Application.

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Regardless if you’re a small or large, privately held, publicly traded or government company, our expertise can help every step of the way.

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