Social Recruitment is the future

Jobtip is a team of driven and creative specialists using social media for recruitment and employer branding. With tailored, attractive and targeted job ads, they find the right candidates for their customers.

Jobtip started over 10 years ago with offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, and San Diego, California. When Ali Farshid joined Jobtip in 2014, he saw that traditional job advertisements through jobseekers and newspapers no longer yielded equally good results. Jobtip launched the strategy and is currently focusing on reaching potential candidates solely through social media. The job advertisements are directed primarily through Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram. Using Jobtip’s proprietary IT tools, customers ‘job listings show up directly in the flow of relevant candidates’ social media.

“Our customers only receive applications from people with the right profile and qualifications. The entire recruitment process will be shorter and the right candidates and skills will quickly get into new, exciting jobs,” says Ali.

Jobtip also works with employer branding, including editorial texts where employees tell us how it works at their company. The recruitment ads Jobtip brings together with the customer is visually appealing and designed to emphasize soft values.

With a few simple clicks on the mobile, tablet or computer, candidates who get a job ad in the flow of Facebook or Instagram, can start the application process and link to a CV online through LinkedIn. The application can then be completed via a link sent to the candidate’s email address.

Social media basically deals with the social interaction between people. If you get an ad in the flow that might be perfect for a colleague or friend, it’s easy to continue. If he or she is employed, they are rewarded with an iPad.

“We can thus use people’s personal networks to find skills for our customers,” says Ali.

Jobtip is one of the leading players in the Nordic region within its niche. Since January 2018, they have offices in San Diego, USA, and have the goal of becoming a global player. The model of offering only social media recruitment took place in 2014; since then, Jobtip has doubled its turnover each year. Ali believes the secret to the success of the company is the young, ambitious and committed employees, but also that the company is constantly striving to be at the forefront of technology. With a strong technical platform and skilled developer, Jobtip keeps target audiences and ads relevant and provides an easy overview of all applications that arrive.

“As an employer, you can always ask yourself whether it is relevant to reach the right target group only when you have a recruitment need. If yes, Jobtip is the best supplier available on the market today. Social Recruiting is the recruitment of the future,” says Ali Farshid.