Attract the right talent

It’s no secret that you reach your most qualified candidates on social media.
The secret sauce is in the details and the effectiveness of automation.

Our customers reach their success by using one of three solutions.


Set it and forget it

This is the full scale recruiting strategy prize winner. Set it and forget it means that you’ll only have to focus on what you do best and let our technology do the rest.

Our Talent Automation system gets seamlessly integrated with your ATS and will unnoticeably publish perfectly put together job ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

You got this​

If you are working with an ATS, Applicant Tracking System, you can choose our self service solution to get full control and manage your job ads. Meaning you use our easy-to-use tool to seamlessly create, budget and publish social media recruitment ads.

We got you

You can choose to let us do the job for you, meaning our creative digital marketing team will help you: 

  • Create attractive ads with your images and copy
  • Target your ads towards the right audience
  • Put the creatives together and publish your job ads