Turn interested candidates into actual applicants with Talent Automation!

  • Optimize your recruitment process
  • Lower your recruiting costs
  • Receive more qualified candidates

Talent Automation -


Only 2% of your career page visitors actually apply. The remaining 98% will never find their way back.

Take advantage of your website traffic and reach 100% of interested candidates – fully automated!

Talent Automation allows you to communicate directly with candidates who visited your career page without applying. Say goodbye to high recruitment costs by turning already interested candidates to actual applicants. With our technology, you can reach the right target group with just one click. 

This is how Talent Automation works!

Maximize the traffic on your career page

We will integrate our plug-in with your current ATS-system. All you need to do is to publish your recruitment ads as usual. The ad will then be published on Social Media, targeting the right candidates – fully automated. 

Talent Automation will process your talent pool

Talent Automation segments  candidates to profession-specific groups which are processed with automated Employer-Branding-messages. These messages are changed throughout the candidate journey – from showed interest to a completed application!

Potential candidates are turned into actual applicants

Through Social Media exposure, you will drive more traffic to your career page and build a powerful talent pool! In other words, Talent Automation is for those interested in optimizing their recruitment process in the long-term and turn both active and passive job seekers into qualified candidates. 

Jobtip Talent Automation –turns your career page into the primary source for capturing talent. 

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