The beginning of Jobtip

“Betting only on social media was our most important milestone so far.”

Since 2007, Jobtip has conveyed nearly 50,000 recruitment ads to companies in Sweden, Europe, and the United States. Specialnischen, offering recruitment solely through social media, was the starting point for a successful journey.

In recent years, Social Recruiting has exploded. Today, Jobtip is the most technologically advanced solution in the market with a “corporate culture that is unique,” says founder Patrik Wigton.

When Patrik looks back on the Jobtip journey, there are three important milestones. Number one is that they dared to release the old media business and pay wholeheartedly to social media.

“It’s the absolute best we’ve done. Jobtip started in 2007, then we offered recruitment online. A few years ago, we tested how we could use social media to recruit even passive job seekers. The results were so good that we immediately felt it was something we wanted to invest wholeheartedly.”

Patrik, who has worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years, is the entrepreneur who started Jobtip. CEO is Ali Farshid, and along with talented and passionate employees, Jobtip has gone from a small start-up company to being a leader in the world in Social Recruiting.

“After we went switched to recruiting via social media, growth has escalated. Today, we have 80 employees in the company, soon we are one hundred.”

It is the second milestone that the company managed to create a multitude of employees, with different backgrounds, education, and experience. This has allowed Jobtip to flourish so quickly.

“We have built an incredibly strong and unique corporate culture, and I am so proud of all employees who together create our success. Just as we work with and help our customers, we recruit with our main focus on the individual’s driving force, ambition, and personality, rather than the perfect resume.”

The idea behind Jobtip is that companies do not find the right candidate through traditional job search queries by raising a claimed profile in point form. Jobtip tailors the job advertisements with the customers and, using the proprietary technical platform, reach the right potential candidates, in their social media flows.

Through social media, it is also possible to recommend vacant jobs to friends and acquaintances, providing a personal guarantee for both companies and job candidates. Employee referral rewards are an important part of the recruitment process, says Patrik Wigton.

In the first half of the year, Jobtip had brought about 100 recruitment ads and helped companies find the right candidate. In 2017, more than 6000 ads were submitted.

“People spend more time on social media than on television, radio, and newspapers together. We offer a unique service in an industry with great potential,” states Patrik.

Additionally, Jobtip grows entirely with its own resources, without outside investors who in the long term have an exit strategy.

Patrik highlights, “we are building a company we want to work on and think long-term. Jobtip will continue to grow, where we are constantly learning and constantly developing our technology platform,” says Patrik Wigton.

The third and last milestone is Joptip’s current status. In January 2018, the first office in San Diego, USA, opened.

“It’s incredibly exciting. We see a great potential opportunity for us in the United States.”