The importance of the image in social media

When recruiting via social media, you have a very limited space to capture the candidate’s interest in. Often it is important to have said as much as you can in as compressed a way as possible.

As the old saying reads; a picture says more than a thousand words, and in this context it is more relevant than ever! Choosing the right pictures for your recruitment campaigns is A and O for a successful result. A good picture has enormous potential to communicate a large amount of information in a very short time – much more than both title and text do together! A relevant image helps the individual visualize and creates an immediate recognition factor in the current audience. The human brain recognizes the familial in a picture of a tenth of a second. However, if the image has nothing to do with the subject, there is a high risk that the candidate will filter out the post to scroll through their feeds instead.

In our latest guide “How Important is the image in ads on social media” we give concrete tips on how to think about image selection when advertising on social media. In the guide you will also find concrete examples from real recruitment campaigns that we at Jobtip have been out with over the past year. Read, learn and be inspired!

Download the guide here!

Så viktig är bilden i sociala medier

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