Top skills you need in the job market

How attractive is your CV for a recruiter?

We’ve listed the most important skills – and tips – where to learn more!

Digital skills are becoming more and more important – now you’re expected to be able to optimize keyword optimization, publish in CMS, and analyze traffic in Google Analytics. We’ve delved out the concepts and tips on how to learn more.


Adobe CC
Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) is a cloud-based software that includes Photoshop and InDesign image management and layout are key skills for all jobs that somehow relate to the media, but can also be applied in a variety of other areas. Video editing in Premiere Pro can also be valuable. You can test all programs for free for 30 days, and there are boundless amounts of easy-to-read tutorials on YouTube.


CMS (Content Management System) is denominated web publishing and editing systems; the most common being WordPress. To practice your skills, you can use a basic version of WordPress for free for an indefinite period.


Product Management
The art of taking an idea and leading the process of turning it into a successful product range is extremely valuable, according to Business Insider. You must be able to conceal development, marketing, and dialogue with investors, as well as a thousand other things at the same time.


Microsoft Excel
Sure, you can use Excel at a basic level, but would you call yourself an expert? Being able to incorporate and analyze information effectively is essential knowledge in many industries.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or keyword optimization, is about writing and publishing materials that rank high in search results – increasingly essential digital skills that are very sought after in the job market.


Google Analytics
Like SEO, Google Analytics is now an extremely sought after digital competence. SEO is about reaching out digitally, and Google Analytics is about measuring and analyzing the impact. All you need to get started is a Google login. The free tutorial series Analytics Academy will take you through the basics step by step.


Speaking to an audience
This will be your duty regardless of industry, orientation and career level. If it does not come naturally, practice!