What is Social Recruiting?

Social Recruiting, or Social Media Recruitment, is a relatively new concept that increasingly fosters the discussions around the billboard of modern HR Experts.

Social media has changed our way of life – why not change our way of recruiting?

Social Hiring, Social Media Recruitment, Social Recruiting. Dear children have many names, as is the case with recruitment through social media.

Many who hear the concept of Social Recruiting interprets it as incorporating social media in a recruitment process. Unfortunately, it is not enough to publish a recruitment ad on a Facebook company page and lean back in anticipation of wonders. Social Recruiting is much more than that.

Simply described, Social Recruiting is an audience-targeted recruitment ad targeted to carefully selected social media candidates.

Cost-effective recruitment
The specific target group customization makes Social Recruiting, compared to regular job placement, cost-effective when:
     – Only relevant people see the ad
     – Short recruitment process – it’s quick to create an ad that is then targeted to the right potential candidates. By directly reaching the right potential candidates, work is also reduced to sell applications.
     – A better target group adjustment reduces the risk of error recruitment.

Passive Job Seekers
The best candidates are not found on job sites – they are already in workplaces. Through targeted ads in social media, you will reach the passive job seekers, (i.e. those who already have a job or are not actively seeking new work.) 80 percent of workers today change their workplace if the right opportunity arises – what’s better than showing off your job advertisement on the day off surf or break-by-job surf.

Strengthening the employer
Brand job ads are a great opportunity for a company to promote its employer brand. In a world where competition for the best talents is tough, it’s even more important to get candidates to choose you over another company.