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80% of ALL employees would leave their current job if the right opportunity arises. With Jobtip you can display your company and reach relevant candidates with accurately targeted advertising on social media.

More than 50,000 recruitment campaigns successfully completed for top employers

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Our Platform

Benefits Include

  • Find out where your career site traffic is coming from
  • Save visitor to your career page in your own talent audience and reach them again with reminders, new job opportunities and employer branding
  • Segment your Talent audience in categories that makes sense for you and your company to make sure messages are super relevant for candidates
  • Automate your retargeting process, auto ads retargeting from your talent pool

Introducing: Talent Automation

With our software you will get full insights into the traffic on your career site. Give yourself the opportunity to explore your traffic sources and insights. Increase your application conversion rate 2-5 times! 

Additional Solutions


Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting is a custom targeted recruitment ad aimed at carefully selected candidates on social media. The best and most sought after candidates aren’t looking for a new open position through job-sites, – they’re already busy in a workplace. With Jobtip, your candidates are exposed to targeted and attractive ads on social media that actually generates leads. Read more about how Social Recruiting is ideal for your business.


Job Branding

Job Branding helps you highlight what is attractive and exciting about the position that is being advertised, but also what your company has to offer as an employer. In today’s competitive labor market, it is crucial to highlight what attracts the desired candidates to stand out amongst other companies that are constantly competing for the best candidates. Read more about how Job Branding can improve your recruitment process!

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Employer Branding

We specialize in identifying the core of every business-culture and have many years of experience in helping our customers with Employer Branding. Our skilled communicators, copywriters and marketers are experts in building compelling career pages well suited for social media. If a customer finds it difficult to attract a particular type of professional group, your career page will function as an extension to the original career site.

What's included?

Jobtip offers effective and comprehensive solutions for your recruitment challenges.


Landing pages

Your ads on social media will direct candidates to a unique and visually appealing landing page, tailored to your specifications and optimized for conversion.


Candidate referral

Turn everyone into your personal recruiter with Jobtip’s smart referral reward function. We know that the best hires come from referrals and how to utilize social networks for better reach and engagement.


Mobile apply

Our mobile optimized application makes it easy for candidates to apply on the go using their phone or tablet. Don’t miss out converting great talet, wherever they are.


Career pages

Enhance your employer brand with a custom made career page that will highlight your company in an appealing and attractive way. All your open positions will be neatly presented on the career page and targeted social media campaigns will direct candidates to your positions.


Talent Automation

Jobtip Talent Automation is your virtual talent community, it captures all interested candidates whether they have applied or not. Keep candidates engaged with personal and targeted remarketing. Stay top of mind and keep good candidates in the loop!


To boost your recruitment efforts, and stand out amongst other employers, we offer the following add-on services.



Our experienced copywriters will create appealing job descriptions for your social recruiting campaigns to increase the number of applicants.



Increase engagement and stand out in newsfeeds by using video ads. We create impactful branding videos to display your company culture, and advertise you as a top employer.


Employee Testimonials

Organizations often forget the most important part of Employer Branding; to show what their corporate culture looks like from within. Let your employee’s share their story to win over new candidates.


Reach ideal candidates - wherever they are

Jobtip offers smart and professional Recruitment Advertising and Employer Branding services on social media to large and small employers. We make it easy for you to recruit top talent by presenting attractive job ads to the right people on social media. Your ads reach even more great people by leveraging personal networks and referrals. The main social media channels in North America are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but Jobtip also take platforms such as Snapchat, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google into consideration – so you can reach your potential candidates wherever they are!




Through Jobtip's proprietary technology, we source and identify the audience that perfectly fits your hiring needs. For example, are you looking for a Project Manager in San Francisco? Then Jobtip will find all Project Managers who fits your profile in San Francisco and target them on social media.


Once the right target audience has been identified, the ad is targeted only to the most relevant candidates. The Jobtip Connect tool can easily measure which channels your candidates are most active on. This way, we can easily schedule and display your ads where your target audience is engaged.


At this point, your company will start to receive applications from people with the right qualifications. For Jobtip, quality is more important than quantity. By using Jobtips Data Recycling - Collected data from the ads is reused for future recruitments. As a result, the ads will reach more relevant candidates. As of today, we have captured data from more than 50,000 unique recruitment campaigns!



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