5 reasons to automate job advertising on social media

Think about the automation you use in your everyday life: the coffee machine that serves a warming cup with the push of a button or the email that says you are enjoying your holiday seconds after someone tries to reach you. Automating job ads on social media works in exactly the same way: it simplifies your work in finding the right candidates on platforms where your next colleague spends the most time.

Here are 5 reasons why you should automate your job ads on social media

1. As soon as you upload a vacancy in your internal recruitment system, an ad for social media is created automatically. This saves time, money and repetitive work for both the HR and marketing departments.

2. Streamline the recruitment process by using social media to target advertising to the audience that has the qualities you are looking for. This in turn will generate more qualitative applications. A real win-win!

3. You get in contact with qualitative passive candidates who are open to new challenges, however who are not yet actively looking for jobs (which actually accounts for 80% of the labor market!). 

4. You get more potential candidates to your career page which collects valuable data about each visitor. You can then use this type of data to create even better, more targeted recruitment campaigns in the future.

5. When you frequently show exciting vacancies, on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you simultaneously market your company and increase your employer brand.

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