How talent shortage can impact your growth

Globally and in Sweden, companies are currently experiencing a challenging time with talent shortages and difficulty to hire the right people. This challenges their ability to grow at their expected pace. Your company’s future could also be impacted by the current labor shortage. Continue reading to find out what you can do to beat this negative trend (besides getting your recruitment marketing right)

Demand vs. supply

The labor market is just like any market: there is a constant dance between supply and demand. And currently, many companies are demanding highly skilled individuals with specific qualities. But there is a problem: other companies have the same growth plans as you and want these people to work for them just as much as you do. What happens is that these individuals now have the opportunity to choose which workplace suits them best.

Universities not caught up

There is a scarce amount of newly graduated students within industries like healthcare, engineering and tech. Failing to attract students to certain educations and lack of University resources are a couple of reasons why it is difficult to add an abundance of new competent workforce to the market. This gap between universities and industries has increased by time. Companies are now starting to realize the importance of working closely with universities in order to set the foundation for the future.

Employer branding is key

There are excellent people with amazing skills out there. They just need to want to join your company out of all your recruiting competitors. By showcasing your company culture, happy employees and unique benefits you have a better chance at attracting the people you want. Jobtip has helped numerous companies build their unique employer branding strategy and content. Find out how Jobtip can help you!

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