How to recruit proactively with work-life balance

Nowadays, many people want more than just a job. They want to work for a company with a good reputation that values their employees by offering a healthy balance between work and personal life. In order to attract more talent, it is important for companies to place great emphasis on work-life balance and implementing it in their proactive recruitment strategy.

What is work-life balance?

Work-life balance is about creating a sustainable space for your employees where they are able to combine both professional and personal life. Work-life balance is not equal to working less. It is simply the freedom to plan your everyday life in the best possible way. When there is a time and energy balance between work and leisure, the chances of happy employees are much higher. Being able to do a lunch workout or an early pick-up at school may seem like a small thing, but will have a big impact on the employee’s overall life balance. That is exactly what work-life balance is all about.

Happy employees are productive employees

During the pandemic, we can all probably agree that healthcare workers were the heroes of society. At the same time, companies and HR departments suddenly had to change how they run their business. Routines that were previously written in stone were reversed and everything changed quickly. The pandemic’s trials gave companies and organizations a perspective on what is important for employees to enjoy their work. After two years of pandemic and home office, work-life balance has taken on a whole new meaning.

73% want a hybrid workplace

The focus is now on the employer taking greater responsibility for the well-being of employees. As many as 73% want a hybrid workplace* now that the pandemic is over. When you look for more employees in the future, it is therefore the utmost importance that you set a strategy and include this in your recruitment activities.

3 easy ways to better attract talent

1. Share on social media

There is no better way to showcase what your company does for your employees’ life balance than to simply tell about it on your social media. Publish content and market employer branding campaigns that both highlight the company’s benefits and show how your employees benefit from it. It can be content that shows fun activities you do at work or how your colleagues combine work from home with their personal lives.

2. Convert using your website

When candidates are interested in applying for one of your open positions, they will probably also look at your website. With this in mind, it is important to list benefits and advantages that your company offers on your career page. Convert curious job seekers with the help of wonderful stories and reviews from employees.

3. Include in the interview process

Most jobseekers choose a new job based on promised career opportunities and salary. But many now also want to ensure that their personal lives will not be affected too much by their jobs. So assure them that you want them well by asking what their life situation looks like and how they want to combine the job at your company with their everyday life. This way, you have the opportunity to start your working relationship with your new colleague on solid ground based on clear and open communication.

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*Netigates rapport på TV4: Fler svenskar vill jobba hemifrån efter pandemin.

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