How automation fits in your recruitment strategy

How automation (of your job ads) fits into your recruitment strategy

Now that automation is such a big part of our lives, there is really no turning back. What would life be like without your coffee machine? Or that out-of-office email reply telling everyone who’s trying to reach you that you’re enjoying a piña colada on the beach? It would definitely be less easy breezy!

Automation of your job ads is the way to go for a smoother recruitment process. We’ll tell you more about it below.

What is automation of job ads?

Traditionally, social media ads are created and published in each social media platform’s ads manager. It’s complex, requires skills and experience. That’s why most companies either employ digital marketing experts or hire a specialized agency. 

Third option is to let technology do the job for you. That’s why Jobtip’s Talent Automation Platform was created. It gets seamlessly integrated with your applicant tracking system, ATS.  Each time you post a vacant job on your career site, it will unnoticeably publish perfectly put together job ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

What are the benefits of automation of job ads?

Lowered cost-per-hire

By not having to rely on external agencies or in-house experts, you’re able to significantly reduce your cost-per-hire. Since Jobtip’s Talent Acquisition Platform is integrated with your ATS, your social media job ads are generated automatically and can be exposed to the right audience automatically or by your approval. That obviously saves you a lot of time, and therefore, more money can be spent where it matters: exposing your jobs to the right audience.

Reduced time-to-hire

As stated above, automation of social media job ads are published automatically or by approval in your ATS system. This will save you a lot of time. Also, your job ads will automatically get targeted towards the right candidates, known as the target audience. 

By advertising your open jobs on social media instead of traditional job boards, you’ll reach a whooping 80% of all passive talents out there. Passive candidates are people who are not actively searching for a new position, but are open to applying for new exciting career opportunities when presented to them. So by pin-pointing the right kind of candidates, you’ll definitely save more time in the recruitment process.

Become data-driven

With Jobtip’s automation platform, you’ll be able to measure and analyze the success of your recruitment ads. You will be able to take out actionable KPI’s and metrics that lets you evaluate and increase efficiency for future recruitments. 

How does it fit into my recruitment strategy?

By implementing our Talent Automation Platform, you are able to work proactively with your recruitment marketing. This means creating templates and planning marketing activities in advance. With social media ads constantly rotating on different platforms, you’ll eventually build a stronger employer brand as well. Future potential candidates will notice your attractive ads and you’ll be on top of their minds when they’re ready to take their next career step. 

Let Jobtip be part of your recruitment ecosystem. With our automation technology, you’ll be able to reshape your recruitment strategy to a more efficient and pleasant one. Let go of routine work and let automation magically allow you more time to manage, interview, and evaluate candidates.

Want to find out how Jobtip can help you improve your recruitment strategy with the help of automation of your job ads on social media? Contact one of our experts here!

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