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Everyone knows that satisfied customers are the key to success. But many forget the value of happy employees. As many as 6 out of 10 companies believe that the talent shortage is their biggest obstacle for growth. With a talent-driven labor market, employer branding is extremely important in the fight to attract the right candidates.

The more ambassadors there are among your employees, the more talent will come to you. So how do you make the entire company’s valued employees feel proud of their workplace?

Here are 5 ways to build a stronger employer brand:

1. Open up to a conversation. Creating a pleasant culture in the workplace is really a must. If you have not focused on it to a greater extent before, start by inviting employees to conversation in order to find out what is important to them. What kind of workplace do they want to have? What is required of management to achieve the ideal image? Involving employees in the work of creating a pleasant corporate culture is a first step in creating a space that is permeated by trust and confidence.
2. Let transparency permeate the company. Once you have your vision in place, it is important to be transparent and share it with everyone in the company. An employer brand is largely run by employees and the better they can absorb and be part of the vision, the better.
3. Have fun together. Events and activities are a great way to build stronger relationships and a positive team spirit. Regardless of whether you try climbing or go have a Friday afterwork drink, employees are given the opportunity to get outside their comfort zone, get to know each other and invest in the corporate culture.
4. Show appreciation! A little appreciation makes a big difference. Give employees positive feedback in meetings, encouraging words at the coffee machine or show interest in their work and personal success. Regardless of how you do it, be sure to let employees know that their work is affecting the overall success of the company. How else are they supposed to feel invested in their jobs?
5. Create great content to share on social media. Whether it’s good photos, fun facts about the company, exciting news or “Insta friendly” moments in the workplace, make sure there is content that feels valuable and natural for everyone to share.

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